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Download the Successful Transfer of Family Business eGuide

You've spent a large portion of your life building your business and you would like to transfer it to a designated successor. You may be wondering...

How can I be sure that the transfer of my family business will be successful?




There are a number of different factors that go into how to execute on a successful business transfer. We go over all of them in this FREE eGuide as well as a number of other things such as:

  • The BEI 7-step exit planning process
  • Advice on the timing of the transfer
  • What to do if there are multiple possible successors
  • How to make sure you're financially set for retirement
  • Making sure you have a plan B


  • Introduction
  • Reasons & Realities in Family Transfers
  • First Ingredient: Parents Undertake the BEI Seven Step Exit Planning Process
  • Second Ingredient: One Child Becomes the Sole Successor
  • Third Ingredient: A Business Transition That is Fair to All Children
  • Transferring the Business to Multiple Children
  • Fourth Ingredient: Transfer Ownership and Control to the BAC Follows Parental Financiel Security and Independence
  • Fifth Ingredient: The Chosen Child has Demonstrated His/Her Capability and Willingness to Run the Business for a Significant Time Period (at least 3 years) Before the Parents Leave
  • Sixth Ingredient: Having a Backup Plan (Plan "B")

While transferring your business can be a difficult process, this FREE eGuide will provide the proper insight to assist you in making sure it's a successful one!