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Download the Company Valuations eGuide

If you're a privately held company, there's a lot that goes into determining your company's true value. You may be wondering...

How can I determine my company's value?



This FREE eGuide contains information on how to utilize value methods to determine your company's overall valuation. The following techniques are covered:

  • Asset approach
  • Income approach
  • Market approach


  • Introduction
  • Levels of Value
  • The Asset Approach to Valuation
  • The Income Approach to Valuation
  • The Market Approach to Valuation
  • An Explanation of Discounts for Lack of Control and Marketability
  • How Multiple Valuation Methods are Reconciled to Reach the Concluded Value of a Company

Aside from these approaches, the eGuide helps you determine marketability and the value of ownership interest. Just fill out the form to get your FREE copy today!