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2021 Planning Tips for the Hospitality Industry eGuide

The hospitality industry has been hit hard by the pandemic. Now it is time to ask...

How Can I Prepare My Hospitality-based Business for 2021?



This FREE eGuide answers the following questions:

  • If you previously laid staff off, how will you need to adjust when business picks back up?
  • How can you alter your menu offerings to reduce costs?
  • What steps do you need to take when business goes back to "normal"?
  • How can you maximize the benefit of your cash reserves?
  • What techniques can your business enact now to successfully manage through COVID-19 restrictions?


  • Use Your Seasonality Experience
  • Here are a Few Things to Consider
    • Conserving Cash is Key
    • Online Ordering
    • Menu Options
    • Sports & Travel Impact
    • Outside Expansion
    • Lean on Experienced Advisors
  • How SVA Can Help

There are many factors to consider when looking to the future of the hospitality business. This eGuide provides a framework to help you be prepared for the new normal. Just fill out the form to receive the instant download!